Analysts predict price of gas will continue to rise; possibly up to $6

Tom Petrie, Bank of America Merrill Lynch vice chairman, says oil prices per barrel will increase another 5-10 dollars at least.  He says by 2015 Iraqi oil output will be a critical factor in supply-demand balance.  Does everyone remember why we REALLY went into Iraq?

CNBC points out that the prices could go a LOT higher:

A dollar plumbing three-year lows is hitting Americans squarely in the gas tank, and one economist thinks it could drive prices as high as $6 a gallon or more by summertime under the right conditions.

One result has been a surge higher in gasoline prices to nearly $4 a gallon before the summer driving season even starts, a trend that economists say will be aggravated as demand increases and the summer storm season threatens to disrupt oil supplies.

"All we have to have is a couple badly placed hurricanes which could constrain some of the refinery output capacity in some key locations," says Richard Hastings, strategist at Global Hunter Securities in Charlotte, N.C. "If you get weakness in the dollar concurrent with the strong driving season concurrent with the impact of one or two hurricanes in the wrong place, prices could go up in a quasi-exponential manner."



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