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Another one for you to print out and stick in your bug-out kit.  Might spare you from wandering into a house full of rats and corpses when you’re scavenging for supplies.

The X-Code is used by disaster search teams to mark buildings to denote, among other things, whether it has been searched, structural integrity, the presence of bodies or survivors, and hazards.

To learn more, check out this awesome page that has tons of photos and detailed explanations:

Katrina + 5: An X-Code Exhibition

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Emergency Preparedness: Making a 72 Hour Bag - A variety of approaches

FEMA recommends making an emergency bag with supplies you might need if you had to quickly evacuate in the event of an emergency. Here are several ways to do that.

Survivalists have been on this concept for decades and have taken the art of making a Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.) or Get Out of Dodge bag (G.O.O.D. or G.O.D.) to a whole new level.  I like the latter phrase less because the fundie survivalists seem to favor it, and Get Out Of Dodge Yesterday (G.O.O.D.Y.) bag would fit better. :)

My wife, who has only come over to my ‘dark side’ since the disaster in Japan, has instructed me to make sure ours is fully outfitted after the next paycheck. I’ve already been working on it, but with full budget approval from the better half I can make it GREAT! Now I can make one for each of our vehicles, and several for our home, including the kids.

What you pick will depend on your budget, but try to get the basics in there first. Alleviate disaster anxiety - prepare well. 

Understanding the BOB - Get the basics from Wikipedia

FEMA Recommendations - Basic 72 hour kit items. 

FEMA Recommendations - Where to keep 72-hour bags 

The 7 Types of Gear you must have in your Bug Out Bag - nice break down of categories

How To Survive The Apocalypse, on $20 and the stuff in your apartment - get started on a budget

How to Make a Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit - this one must weigh a ton, but it’s comprehensive

34 Essential Items For Your Bug Out Bag - focused on general disasters, no guns\

Buy a 72-hour bag - shop for backpacks and ready-made kits

Ultimate BOB - Amazon list with lots of items you might add - especially the Katadyn water filter if you can afford it, there are cheaper one out there though.

BOB Guns - lists the pros and cons of firearms for various scenarios

GOOD Bag tips from a northern Idaho housewife - some useful info on preparing your bag


Entry level intro

A Survivalist Wife’s Bug Out Bag For When SHTF

Kids BOB

British BOB

Hardcore - heavy on weapons survivalist :)

Breaking it down - the ‘Science’ of BOB’s - 1 of 3: The Purpose, Planning and Packing your Bug-Out-Bag 1/3


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