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The great U.S. economic machine is being ripped apart and dismantled right in full view of us all. This is not a “conservative” issue or a “liberal” issue. This is an American issue. The United States is rapidly being turned into a “post-industrial” wasteland. It is time to wake up America.

An interesting perspective on the national debt.

True News 9: Screw the National Debt - You Are Not the Nation! (via stefbot)

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This our World. The Revolution is Now.


This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” by Peter Joseph. [30 subtitles pending]

On Jan. 15th, 2011, “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history. 

This is a non-commercial work and is available online for free viewing and no restrictions apply to uploading/download/posting/linking - as long as no money is exchanged. 

A Free DVD Torrent of the full 2 hr and 42 min film in 30 languages is also made available through the main website [below], with instructions on how one can download and burn the movie to DVD themselves. His other films are also freely available in this format.


Release Map:

$5 DVD:


Zeitgeist: Moving Forward focuses on the very fabric of the social order: Monetary-Market Economics. While the majority of the world today have slowly come to see some basic flaws in the economic system we share, as large scale debt defaults, inflation, industrial pollution, resource depletion, rising cancer rates and other signposts emerge to bring the concern into the realm of “public health” overall, very few however consider the economic paradigm as a whole as the source. The tendency is to demand reform in one area or another, avoiding the possibility that perhaps the entire system is intrinsically flawed at the foundational level. ZMF presents the case that it is, indeed, the very foundational mechanics of this system that generates the patterns of behavior and unsustainable methods of conduct that are leading to the vast spectrum of detrimental consequences both personal, social, and environmental and the long they go on, the worse things will become.

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Marc Faber: Real U.S. Price Inflation Currently Between 5% and 8%

Marc Faber was on CNBC today live from the Russian Forum in Moscow and said that real U.S. price inflation is already between 5% and 8%, much higher than the CPI’s reported year-over-year inflation rate of 1.5%. This is in line with NIA’s comments in recent weeks that we estimate U.S. price inflation to be a minimum of 5%. (via Marc Faber: Real U.S. Price Inflation Currently Between 5% and 8% | National Inflation Association Blog)