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Look for more massive fish kills in this area going forward.


A dead zone the size of the state of New Jersey is growing in the Gulf of Mexico, fueled by nutrient runoff from the swollen Mississippi River.

Scientists say it may become the largest dead zone ever.

Memphis, Tennessee (CNN) — The Mississippi River is cresting at Memphis, forecasters said Tuesday, as attention began turning to flooding concerns in Louisiana and Mississippi.

The slow passing of the bulge of water working its way from north to south along the Mississippi is only the beginning of the end of the siege for Memphis residents, who could be dealing with high water levels into June.

And the struggle is just getting started for residents of Mississippi and Louisiana, where the river is expected to rise over the next few days to levels unseen since 1927.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal predicted Tuesday that as many as 3 million acres of his state could be affected by the flooding.

If that spillway is opened, Jindal predicted that roughly 2,500 people and 2,000 structures would be at risk directly inside the floodway. Another 22,500 people and 11,000 structures would be affected by backwater flooding, he said.

The faces of natural disaster and stories of survival - Alabama tornado victims

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Air Elemental in Alabama ;)


Absolutely unreal footage shot on the University of Alabama campus of a mile-wide tornado inching toward downtown Tuscaloosa.

Tornadic supercell thunderstorms stretching from Texas to Tennessee have left widespread destruction and numerous casualties in their wake. Alabama has been hit the hardest, with at least 25 fatalities across the state, and an entire city in ruins.

The record-breaking storms are expected to move out of the area by midnight. Watch live reports on ABC 33/40 via Ustream.

[cnn / waka / nyt / video: @49foyamind49.]

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Rumination on “The End of the World as We Know It”…

It’s happening every day. In Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin, Christchurch New Zealand, and now Japan. Defining events that signal the end of life as before, and the beginning of something dramatically different. So different that there are very definitive factors that could be quantified. 

I’m not the first to say this and use a perspectivist, subjective interpretation of The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), but it’s true. When the Native Americans first met the white man on the sea shore of what would become North America, it was the end of the world as they knew it. When the United States invaded Iraq it was the end of the world as they knew it. 

From this interpretation of a TEOTWAWKI event, even personal changes such as losing a job, a loved one, or our health qualify. Preparing for total Apocalypse is like preparing for a massive extinction event - who knows if it’s likely, possible, or even probable.  

However, you can be awakened from a dead slumber to find your home has been picked up by a massive tidal wave. 

We can’t control or prepare for everything. It’s not possible or healthy. We do the best we can, given the information and resources we have. If our luck/fate is such that we stand in the path of tsunami, then short of moving to the top of a mountain or to a safer place, which would fall under risk assessment and management, there’s not much else to be done. 

We would be better served to think in “End of OUR world” terms; preparing for a local, individualized, situational Dramatic Change Event (DCE - you heard it here first). 

My thoughts and best wishes are with the people of the world who are living in chaos and whose world has dramatically changed for the worst. Keep fighting, keep surviving, keep living…


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