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Sounds of the Apocalypse: Strange Noises all over the world in 2011 - 2012

I am always skeptical, but not so much as to immediately discredit things that I can’t explain just because I can’t explain it.  The phenomena of reverberating sounds all over the world has been happening for several years, and has been increasing ever since summer of 2011. 

The chance that it is a hoax is always a consideration, but the fact that entire towns are experiencing it and local news outlets cover it helps add to the potential validity as a legitimate phenomena. Any time something unexplained happens the trolls, copycats, and hoaxers jump on it and muddy the waters. 

The best source for info on this is this blog - Strange Sounds in the Sky.  The owner spends a huge amount of time analyzing the phenomena and debunks a ton of them. He’s also a believer that there is a valid unexplained phenomena happening in some cases.

Mass hysteria, Kthulu’s return, hoaxes, or dramatic environmental earth changes…whatever the cause it’s interesting to me and seems to be a trend to watch. Do you remember in the movie the Day After Tomorrow when the weather started going crazy all over the world?  Well, I’m always watching for shit like that. :)

I’m not going to present a wide range. Others have done that well. I’ll try to show some of the ones that seem to be more legitimate.  If you’re really interested in a skeptical, objective approach to learning about this, start with this post.  For a consummate skeptics approach this article is really good.

Decide for yourself…

Rumble in the sky over Samarahan - Jan 11-12 2012 -  Borneo Post

Tiny village is latest victim of the ‘The hum’ - June 2011 - The Telegraph

Mystery hum gains national exposure - Nov 25, 2011 Windsor Star

Mysterious Rumblings and Vibrations in Windsor, ON, Canada are Causing Problems - August 2011 - Windsor Star

One of the earliest documented - does not appear to be faked  August 11, 2009

Another early example of this phenomena that doesn’t seem to be faked (listen to the folks recording it talk about it - ignore their speculations in their comments)  - March 12, 2011

Another that doesn’t seem to be faked


Earth sounds - strange sound and unregistered earthquake in Florida

This doesn’t have much to do with the survival theme of this blog, but is interesting to me in that it seems to be seismically related, which, in the wrong circumstances, could be survival related. :)

I am not speculating on the causes of this phenomena. I have no clue, although lots of other folks seem to have ideas ranging from phantom seismic activity, methane gas, to underground drilling or HAARP. I shy away from conspiracy theories, but I do like following interesting earth phenomena and all of the recent earthquakes have everyone doing the same. 

Authorities are stumped. Local residents near the AF base say they have never heard this before. It was strong enough to cover a county-wide section of coast, so sounds from the AFB don’t seem logical. I tried to find information on “ducting” but have been unsuccessful.  Should probably got to print sources or journal databases.

Here’s the local news story:

We had a lot of calls early Wednesday evening, primarily from the area from Woodville to Crawfordville, about rumbling sounds that sounded like a freight train, with residents fearing it was a tornado. But, it was NOT. The leading edge of thunderstorms was well to the south by that time, and while there were still rumbles of thunder, the severe weather was over.
It was certainly unusual, and for those residents - a bit scary, but it was not a funnel cloud or tornado. It was likely a phenomena called “ducting”, and the Tallahassee National Weather Service office addressed it in the special statement below. (Thanks Tallahassee NWS!)

I do follow some of the conspiracy sites because they do produce interesting stories, even if I don’t buy into the speculation about them. This video has been shown as a comparison to the Florida sounds.  I did find it interesting that the sounds purportedly captured in a Tibetian cave are very similar to the sound in the video above. Sound starts at 2:30 mark.  

Draw your own conclusions. It’s still a very mysterious world to homo sapiens.